1st Blog!

 People of the world…Listen to me!! This is my first blog so please go easy with me, it’s my first time.  I am a classical violinist and perform solo and chamber concerts where ever and whenever they want me. The freelance lifestyle is a question of waiting for the phone to ring! I have performed on countless tv and film productions, usually  appearing with some instrument in my hand on Holby City, Midsommer Murders, Fanny Hill and Foyles War.  I was an alien in Star Wars, Episode 1, The Phantom Menace.  I’ll keep you posted as those  come in!  An appearance on the new Downton Abbey series III coming up in the Autumn.


I play Violin, Banjo, Mandolin and (some) backing vocals with the country folk band      Pig Earth.. Check us out!  We had our Wembley Arena debut this year and have plenty of festivals and gigs coming up in 2012..Come and say HI!! Check us out here playing live on BBC Radio Cambridge last month


About Craig Stratton

Classical violinist (and sometimes pianist) Performs solo and chamber music in the UK and beyond. He has as appeared (usually as a blurred pixel in the background) on countless TV and film productions including Star Wars, Episode 1 and Bridget Jones. Plays also Banjo, Mandolin in the country folk band Pig Earth, who made their debut at Wembley Arena.
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2 Responses to 1st Blog!

  1. Letuska says:

    Hello Craig,
    It is a real honour to be the first to leave a message on your blog.

    I have been blogging since now 7 years, writing about my job ( flight attendant), about my favourite subject ( Men! They are and excellent subject of writing…!!!) and also about music ( my harp a bit, singing, flamenco dancing) and parts of my little succes in life.
    I especially love to write wise sayings or “inspirational thoughts” in each of my articles.

    I write in french, english and sometimes a little italian.
    Ma blog is hosted in a very well known platform from a magasine colled: Psychologies.com

    I am starting now to work for the french TV channel TF1 as I just signed a contract for a few weeks.

    It s going to be a brand new start and I wish It will be a new opportunity for me to share it with my longtime blogs followers.


    (Letuska si my nickname for the Blog)

  2. Hi Barbara!

    Thanks for my first reply! That’s great news about your new job with French Television! I’m still getting used to wordpress so expect many corrections..;) I shall stop by your blog and read the latest whenever I can..Speak soon! Craig

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