Back to school…

After a seemingly endless Easter holiday, I’m finally back at my teaching post. My young students fill me with entertaining stories of why they couldn’t practise.. One young lad couldn’t practise because, and I quote.. “.. I fell asleep at the piano..”  Another kid’s A string broke so was unable to practise all holiday. He didn’t know where to get another string. I told him he should try a shoe shop or a chemist, as they’re usually pretty reliable for that sort of thing.  And the day goes on…No doubt more to follow…


About Craig Stratton

Classical violinist (and sometimes pianist) Performs solo and chamber music in the UK and beyond. He has as appeared (usually as a blurred pixel in the background) on countless TV and film productions including Star Wars, Episode 1 and Bridget Jones. Plays also Banjo, Mandolin in the country folk band Pig Earth, who made their debut at Wembley Arena.
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