5th in the queue. Prince at Ronnie Scott’s

Telegraph Music or @TeleMusicNews was asking readers to share their reviews about Prince’s Hit and Run Tour. As a fan who had queued for over 16 hours on that infamous Monday outside Ronnie Scott’s, I felt that I was more than qualified to share my experiences of the night that Prince performed at Ronnie Scott’s. Unfortunately my review was heavily edited by the Telegraph, so here is the full unedited version.


As I was getting up 5am this morning, I was trying to justify going to see an artist that I had already seen countless times before and twice already on this particular tour, once at the Electric Ballroom and the other at Kings Place.  However, the news of Prince performing at Ronnie Scott’s was a mouth-watering prospect and an opportunity that I was certainly not going to miss.

I was expecting something a little out of the ordinary from this band at such an iconic venue and Prince and 3rdEyeGirl did not disappoint. In fact, far from it.

I arrived at Ronnie’s at 6:45am and was 5th in the queue. 16 hours later the celebrities arrived, often hidden by umbrellas from the hoarding paparazzi. I’m not convinced that majority of these celebrities were even remotely interested in the music. Hoards of genuine fans had queued early to come and see Prince and it was clearly painful for them to watch these celebrities waltz into Ronnie Scotts who perhaps would have not bothered to attend had it not been for an oversize guest list.  I doubt they even paid the £35.

Funnier still were the various glamorous women trying to deceive their way in with fantastic one-liners “..I’m looking for Dave the electrician..” or  “.. Do you know Matt?…”. The queue pounced on these ruthlessly, repeating the question at some volume to those standing behind. Safe to say, they were refused entry.

Lets leave these celebrities to their red carpet events and their award ceremonies and the fans to the artists they pay money to go and see.

I was one of the lucky 200 or so that got inside, or indeed one of the few that snatched a front row spot, right in front of the “Symbol” stand. Soon I forgot all about the mayhem and chaos that ensued outside or that Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne (who?) were probably sitting behind a pillar somewhere in the flanks of Ronnie Scott’s and enjoyed a set that was nothing less than sensational.  Prince and 3rdEyeGirl were immediately joined on stage by Marcus Anderson on saxophone and EWI (pronounced EE-WEE) to produce one awesome unit that was befitting of such a venue.  After that, the funky sounds just kept coming with tracks such as CoolYou Saw the Whole of the Moon and a beautiful rendition of one of my personal favorites, How Come You don’t Call Me Anymore?  The hour and a half set ended with a Purple Rain encore. It was a fantastic night from my point of view but I know, after speaking to the fans still outside, that many only saw the last few songs because it took so long to get everyone in.

Craig Stratton




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Classical violinist (and sometimes pianist) Performs solo and chamber music in the UK and beyond. He has as appeared (usually as a blurred pixel in the background) on countless TV and film productions including Star Wars, Episode 1 and Bridget Jones. Plays also Banjo, Mandolin in the country folk band Pig Earth, who made their debut at Wembley Arena.
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  1. Anna Fedunets says:

    Читала на одном дыхании! Молодец!

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