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Classical violinist (and sometimes pianist) Performs solo and chamber music in the UK and beyond. He has as appeared (usually as a blurred pixel in the background) on countless TV and film productions including Star Wars, Episode 1 and Bridget Jones. Plays also Banjo, Mandolin in the country folk band Pig Earth, who made their debut at Wembley Arena.

5th in the queue. Prince at Ronnie Scott’s

Telegraph Music or @TeleMusicNews was asking readers to share their reviews about Prince’s Hit and Run Tour. As a fan who had queued for over 16 hours on that infamous Monday outside Ronnie Scott’s, I felt that I was more … Continue reading

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Life in the Background…

When I was at University, a colleague of mine asked me to put a string quartet together for the film    Blue Ice (1992).  I was the only one in that quartet that could actually play a string instrument, but we … Continue reading

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I’m a sucker for movies and will happily talk myself into watching the box to avoid getting into any serious practise. Being a kid at heart I love those MARVEL films,                (nothing to … Continue reading

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Back to school…

After a seemingly endless Easter holiday, I’m finally back at my teaching post. My young students fill me with entertaining stories of why they couldn’t practise.. One young lad couldn’t practise because, and I quote.. “.. I fell asleep at … Continue reading

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1st Blog!

 People of the world…Listen to me!! This is my first blog so please go easy with me, it’s my first time.  I am a classical violinist and perform solo and chamber concerts where ever and whenever they want me. The freelance … Continue reading

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