Pig Earth

Since their launch in 2009, Pig Earth is fast becoming one of the UK’s top original Country Folk acts. They have performed at countless venues and festivals across the country, from the intimate and prestigious London setting  of the Half Moon to the big stage at Wembley Arena.

They have received glowing reviews for their live performances and were rewarded at the British Country Music Awards where they won best Horizon Act 2011. In 2012 they return to many of the Country music festival stages as well as the mainstream Acoustic Festival of Britain.

This year they were featured live on BBC radio Cambridge with the launch of their new album  14’ X 12’  now available on itunes.  The title reflecting the size of the room the album was recorded in!

The original songs they perform are written by band founders guitarist Neil Keveren and pianist and melodeon player Emma Steele. Both share the role of lead vocals and are joined by classically trained multi-instrumentalist Craig Stratton on violin, mandolin and banjo. Mat Heighway plays double bass and is rather partial to bowing, also due to his classical background. Drums, percussion and anything that sounds good when hit are played by Dave Rowlands.

It is hoped that these songs with their interesting mix of musicians and original approach to Country Folk will continue to be enjoyed by many fans across stages in the UK and beyond.

 14' X 12' - EP - Pig Earth


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